‘Transient Portraits’ installation at NCBS


20141218-DSCF6154The ‘transient portraits’ are a collaboration between Stefanie Reichelt (CRUK CI) and Aman Aggarwal (NCBS).

The protraits were created with a library of scientic images from NCBS research using Python scripts. The images are based on Stefanie’s photographs of staff, students and scientists at NCBS. Each pixel in the portraits was replaced with a scientific image representing the same max. intensity thus creating a matrix of research through the scientist. Stefanie and Aman Aggarwal created these portraits out of images from scientific research projects at NCBS.

Each complete portrait consists of two layers, the scistific image layer and a more realistic portrait. When the two layers fall together the person is revealed thus reflecting upon the interconnectivity of the Human behind the science and the science created through Human eyes. Like a Moire pattern the layers together form the final portrait.

Transient portraits


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